Wid me riddim wid me rime (Veranstaltungsprojekt)

Cultural Flows in Caribbean and South Asian Poetry and Performance

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Donnerstag, 12. April 2012
Samstag, 14. April 2012
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Thursday, 12.04.2012_

I. Heritage and Cultural Memory

16.30 Carribean-English Passages in Poetry: Rituals of Ancestry across the Black Atlantic (Birgit Neumann/Jan Rupp)

17.10 Forms of Exile: Self-Analysis and Self-Positioning in Derek Walcott, Anthony McNeill, and Fred D’Aguiar (Timo Müller)

19.30 Round-Table Discussion Concepts of Cultural Contact: Literature and Transculturalit

Friday, 13.04.2012

II. Musical Forms, Poetry and Performance

10.50 Poet and the Roots: Redefining Identity in the Carribean Diaspora (David Bousquet)

11.30 From Jamaica to Mecca: Transculturation in the Music and Poetry of Poetic Pilgrimage (Ana Sobral)

13.10 Tato’s-ao: Guillén, Langston, and the Afro-Spanglish Poetics of Tato Laviera (Juan Flores)

13.50 Performing a Digital Caribeno/a Diaspora: El Puerto Rican Embassy and Levente no (Tomás Urayoán Noel)

14.50 Jamaican Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel: ‘Pretty like a Colouring Book’ (Patrick Helber)

15.30 British Bhangra: Pasts, Presents, and Futures? (Rajinder Dudrah)

18.00 Poetry Reading by Daljit Nagra

Saturday, 14.04.2012

III. Genre and Form

10.50 ‘in a two-directional (at least) field’ (Ron Silliman): An Exploration of debbie tucker green’s Dramatic-Poetics (Deirdre Osborne)

11.30 Derek Walcott’s Poetic Drama: A Form of Creolization and Creolization of Forms (Marija Bergarn)

IV. Gender and the Body

13.00 Embodying Desire and Sexuality across Borders: Diasporic Indian Women’s Poetry in English (Arnrita Mehta)

13.40 Rewriting the Body – Rewriting the Nation: Negotiating Spaces of Cultural Belonging in South Asian Diasporic Women’s Poetry (Sonja Lehmann)

V. Tradition and Innovation

14.40 ‘Feminist Fables’: Theorizing Subversive Mythology in the Poetry of Suniti Namjoshi (Debashree Dattaray)

15.20 Between Tradition and Innovation: Redistricting the Literary Imagination (Silvio A. Torres-Saillant)

16.00 Final Discussion


Vom Donnerstag, den 12. April 15 Uhr bis Samstag, den 14. April 2012 findet im Internationalen Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (Hauptstraße 242) das internationale Symposium „Wid me riddim wid me rime – Cultural Flows in Caribbean and South Asian Poetry and Performance“ statt. Gerahmt wird die Tagung durch eine öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion im Heidelberg Center for American Studies (Hauptstraße 120, 12.4.2012, 19.30 Uhr) zum Thema „Concepts of Cultural Contact: Literature and Transculturality“ sowie durch eine öffentliche Lesung des britisch-südasiatischen Dichters Daljit Nagra (Anglistisches Seminar, Kettengasse 12, Raum 108, 13.04.2012, 18.00 Uhr). Tagung und Rahmenprogramm werden von Dr. Anne Brüske (Transcultural Studies) und Dr. Caroline Lusin (Anglistisches Seminar) organisiert.

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