Discourse Particles and Information Processing in Romance Languages (Veranstaltungsprojekt)

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Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012
Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012
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Oscar LouredaMargarita Borreguero


The aim of this workshop is to bring to discussion the current problems in the field of discourse markers from a cognitive, cross-linguistic and textual perspective. It will be attended by a small group of experts working in the description and analysis of discourse markers in Romance languages, mainly in Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian and Portuguese, but who have also the intent to contribute to a General Linguistics perspective.

The presentations and discussions will deal with the following topics:

1. Cognitive approaches to discourse particles
• Theoretical approach: cognitive relation between discourse particles and the linguistic elements they emerge from (perceptive verbs, deictics, etc.); predictions of Cognitive Linguistics about the role of discourse particles in text processing.
• Experimental approach: cognitive impact of discourse particles while reading.

2. The function of discourse particles in textual information processing
• Natural Language Processing: determination of the main functions of discourse particles in the process of text comprehension; correlations between functions, text types and registers.
• Computer-mediated Language Processing: the role of discourse particles in Computer Linguistics; possibilities of the implementation of a computational program able to recognize the specific textual role of discourse particles.

3. What do the main discourse theories have to say about discourse particles and information processing: convergences and divergences among Text Grammar, Argumentation Theory and Relevance Theory

4. Discourse particles and informative structure
• Oral language: delimitations of informative units in spoken discourse and their determination of the role of discourse markers; frequent appearance of discourse particles with some definite functions in the same information units
• Written language: delimitation of informative units in written language and their possible discourse particles occurrences. Changes in their textual function when changing the positions inside the utterances


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