Re-Mapping World Literature: Writing, Book Markets and Epistemologies between Latin America and the Global South (Sammelband)

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Jorge J. LocaneBenjamin LoyGesine Müller

De Gruyter
Latin American Literatures in the World / Literaturas Latinoamericanas en el Mundo 1
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How can we talk about World Literature if we do not actually examine the world as a whole? Research on World Literature commonly focuses on the dynamics of a western center and a southern periphery, ignoring the fact that numerous literary relationships exist beyond these established constellations of thinking and reading within the Global South.

Re-Mapping World Literature suggests a different approach that aims to investigate new navigational tools that extend beyond the known poles and meridians of current literary maps. Using the example of Latin American literatures, this study provides innovative insights into the literary modeling of shared historical experiences, epistemological crosscurrents, and book market processes within the Global South which thus far have received scant attention. The contributions to this volume, from renowned scholars in the fields of World and Latin American literatures, assess travelling aesthetics and genres, processes of translation and circulation of literary works, as well as the complex epistemological entanglements and shared worldviews between Latin America, Africa and Asia.



Gesine Müller, Jorge J. Locane and Benjamin Loy


Ignacio López-Calvo (Merced)
Worlding and decolonizing the literary world-system: Asian-Latin American literature as an alternative type of Weltliteratur

Héctor Hoyos (Stanford)
Global supply chain literature vs. extractivism

Tahia Abdel Nasser (Cairo)
Between Latin America and the Arab world: Rodrigo Rey Rosa and Alberto Ruy Sánchez in Morocco

Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado (St. Louis)
África en la imaginación literaria mexicana. Exotismo, desconexión y los límites materiales de la “epistemología del Sur”

Daniel Link (Buenos Aires)
Rubén Darío: la sutura de los mundos

Benjamin Loy (Cologne)
The precarious state of the art: Writing the Global South and critical cosmopolitanism in the works of J.M. Coetzee and Roberto Bolaño

2: Book Markets

César Domínguez (Santiago de Compostela)
Literatura mundial en biblioburro. Un caso procomún de circulación literaria

Susanne Klengel (Berlin)
El derecho a la literatura (mundial y traducida). Sobre el sueño translatológico de la UNESCO

Gesine Müller (Cologne)
Re-mapping World Literature from Macondo

Teng Wei (Guangzhou)
Pablo Neruda in contemporary China: Translation between national and international politics (1949–1979)

Jorge J. Locane (Cologne)
Por una sociología de las ausencias en la literatura mundial

Gustavo Guerrero (Paris)
La Croix du Sud (1945–1970): génesis y contextos de la primera colección francesa de literatura latinoamericana


Robert Stockhammer (Munich)
World literature or Earth literature? Remarks on a distinction

Stefan Helgesson (Stockholm)
The World-Literary formation of Antonio Candido

Hermann Herlinghaus (Freiburg)
On the concept figure of the Global South, and ecological narrative promises and deceits

Vittoria Borsò (Düsseldorf )
Orientalismo y realismo mágico al revés. Juan Rulfo y Salman Rushdie o los desafíos del Sur global para la literatura mundial

Eduardo Devés (Santiago de Chile)
Hacia una teoría de la circulación, con énfasis en la circulación de las ideas

Ottmar Ette (Potsdam)
TransArea Tangier: The city and the literatures of the world



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