Multilingualism in Film (Sammelband)

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Gala RebaneRalf Junkerjürgen

PIE Peter Lang
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cinema, Multilingualism


Multilingualism is a phenomenon that has become increasingly visible in popular cinema and thus is currently a very novel object of academic inquiry. The present volume is a cutting-edge collection of cross- and transdisciplinary takes on this phenomenon and its different aspects. Its topics range from translation theory to political and aesthetic quandaries of audiovisual translation and subtitling, to narratological function of multilingualism in fiction, to language ideologies and language poetics onscreen. Its authorship is a worldwide body of perspectives, whose contributions span a distinctive collection of international, national and regional film traditions.



Patrick Zabalbeascoa: “That’s just what we need, a fourth language”. Multilingual humour in film and television translation

Laura Langer Rossi: The translated text. The aesthetic impact of language on transnational cinema

Christoph Fasbender: Multilingualism in the Middle Ages Movie

Fabian Hauner: The Sophisticated, the Comic and the Nazi: Images of the German and German Language in Three Movies about Occupied France

Marie-Christine Scholz: The limits of authenticity. On the flawless French of Germans in_ Merry Christmas_ and Un village français

Thea Kruse: Migration, Multilingualism and European Heritage: The Biopics Django (2017) and Vor der Morgenröte (2016)

Ralf Junkerjürgen: Multilingual Europe. Discourses of Identity in the Erasmus Movies L’Auberge espagnole and Júlia ist

Ralf Junkerjürgen & Katharina Schryro: “My identity is like a patchwork of different experiences.” A conversation with the multilingual actress Laura Weissmahr

Gala Rebane: ‘There is no word for thank you in Dothraki’: Language ideologies in Game of Thrones

Cristina Alonso-Villa: John Wick and the multilingual kick

Gemma King: Denis Villeneuve’s multilingual cinema: Decentring space, time and language in Arrival

Christian Koch: Reflecting social bilingualism in film. On Kichwa fragments in Ecuadorian cinema

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