Stadt: Barranquilla (Kolumbien)

Beginn: 2019-09-18

Ende: 2019-09-21


Universidad del Norte
Departamento de Humanidades y Filosofía
Barranquilla, Colombia

18.-20. september 2019



Wendesday, 18th september

Poetics of Space

8:30-9:00 Opening: Rike Bolte (Colombia): (Geo)poetic emissions: post-natural annotations around Daniel Falb and Timothy Morton

9:00- 9:30 Gisella Heffes (USA): Executed mountains + Santiago Villamil (Colombia): Video-essay about “The salt of the earth” (2014)

9:30-10:30 Erick Tuiran Otero (Colombia): Outer Space – Extracting Energy from Black Holes

10:30 – 11:30 Juliana Enciso (Colombia): Inserted in the Landscape, Ejected from the Self: Classical Chinese Passivity in Juan L Ortiz’ Poetry

Cultural Event
Alianza Francesa Barranqilla
Calle 52 – No 54 75

19:00 Louis Henderson (England/France): Código Caribe

Screening and Discussion: Black Code/Code Noir (2015) + The Sea is History (2016)
free entrance

Thursday 19th september

Alchemy of poetic elements*

8:00-8:30 Opening: Fátima Vélez (USA): Voces del oro – Del oro voces – Joanne Rochette (Canada): Alchimie américaine (a Novel about Canadian Extractivism in Colombia)

8:30 – 9:30 Alejandro Camargo (Colombia): Sedimented Histories

9:30 – 10:15 Alberto Bejarano (Colombia): The Bolañean diver-child and other figures of Rimbauds’ poetical exploration


10:30 – 11:30 Henar Lanza (Colombia): The geometric language of the cosmological myth Timeo (Plato) as basis of the alchemy

11:30 – 12:30 Rike Bolte (Colombia): Poetic expansion/contraction/extraction: Geophagia and Geophobia in Rimbaud and James Noël

12:30 Gabriel Acuña (Colombia): About Eduardo Kac’s Bio Art

13:00 Lecture James Noël (Haiti/France) – “Terre à terre”: Le jeu des éléments dans Belle Merveille

Friday 20th september

Alchemy of Waste

8: 00-8:30 Isabel Exner (Germany): Residual Aesthetics: Recollection from the Theory Dump + Guadalupe Sánchez (Mexico): The plastic bag from material science

8:30-9:30 Enrique Winter (Chile): Trashbag Poetry

9:30-10:15 Tawny Moreno (Colombia): Voler le feu: Towards an poetical anthropology of postcolonial waste


10:30-11:15 Screening: Louis Henderson, Lettres du voyant (2013)

11:15 – 12:15 Interview with Louis Henderson

12:15-13:00 Lucie Taïeb (France): Recycler la Terre & Final Discussion

Saturday 21th september*

Cultural Event
Fundación Casa de Hierro
Salón Marvel Moreno
Feria Internacional del Libro de Barranquilla
Vía 40 No. 79B-06 Puerta de Oro

19:00 Poetas bajo palabra - Poetry Reading with Enrique Winter and Rike Bolte and other poets from Barranquilla

Monday 23th september

Cultural Event
Alianza Francesa Cartagena
Plaza Fernández de Madrid no° 37-34

19:00 Conversation with James Noël + Louis Henderson

Beitrag von: Rike Bolte

Redaktion: Christoph Behrens