Stadt: Neapel

Frist: 2020-05-31

Beginn: 2020-10-21

Ende: 2020-10-23


We invite the submission of contributions for the Graduate Conference 2020 “The Changing City: Representations, Metaphors, Memory” organised by PhD candidates at the Department of Literary, Linguistic and Comparative Studies, University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Italy.

Important Dates:

  • May 31, 2020: Abstract Submission Deadline (300 words; IT or EN)
  • July 15, 2020: Notification of Acceptance
  • October 21-23, 2020: Conference Days

“Una città non è disegnata, semplicemente si fa da sola.
Basta ascoltarla, perché la città è il riflesso di tante storie.”

[A city is not designed, it simply creates itself. It is enough to listen to it, because it is the reflection of many stories.]
(Renzo Piano, 2000)

We invite contributions that address the critical categories of urban space and gravitate around the Kaleidoscopic experience of the city. Proposed lines of research include the following:

The multilingual city, The translated city, The narrated city, The mediated city, The digital city, The ancient city, The city of the future, Imagining the city, Rediscovering the city, Mapping the city, Enhancing the city, Identity and the city, Accessibility and the city …

These themes can be explored through the following critical approaches, among others:

  • Linguistic Analysis, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Applied Linguistics,Comparative Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Lexicography;
  • Literary Criticism, Comparative Literature, Ectodics, Philology;
  • Anthropology, Ethnography, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial and Gender Studies;
  • Literary Translation Studies, AV Translation, Specialised Translation, Machine Translation;
  • Art, Cinema and Theatre;
  • NLP, Data Visualisation, Digital Storytelling, Distant/Close Reading, Image Recognition, Social Media Analysis.

For full Call for Papers, click here:

Authors can submit their abstract (300 words) in English or Italian which should also include a short bio-note (100 words) and the bibliography, in .pdf format, using the submission link on Easychair:
After the Conference, authors will be invited to submit their papers for the publication of the Conference Proceedings, edited by the Conference Committee and the Scientific Committee.

COVID-19 Emergency Updates:
The committee will immediately inform participants about possible modifications related to the event.

For further information, please contact the Conference Committee at

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Redaktion: Robert Hesselbach