Stadt: Lyon

Frist: 2022-06-26

Beginn: 2023-07-17

Ende: 2023-07-21


Linguistic outcomes and language dominance assessments in early bi-/trilingualism with special reference to Romance languages as (non-)mainstream languages

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Coordinator 1: Laia, Arnaus Gil, University of Wuppertal (Germany)
Coordinator 2: Amelia, Jiménez-Gaspar, University of the Balearic Islands (Spain)


Short abstract (more detailed information in the symposium’s homepage):
When considering early multilingualism, several approaches try to describe the child’s language(s) from different perspectives, especially when examining non-mainstream languages (Eisenchlas & Schalley 2020:28ff.), i.e., minority, home and heritage languages (HL). Recent studies focus on the promotion of non-mainstream languages since it is often observed that multilingual children are less competent in these languages than in their majority language and also when compared to their homeland peers. Questions on the HL baseline have brought many linguists to compare bilinguals with a bilingual baseline, such as adult HL-speakers and first-generation immigrants of the HL. Moreover, methodological questions on measuring HL-proficiency are of great importance. In this symposium, we aim at examining the early acquisition of non-mainstream languages considering input factors, language competence and dominance, cross-linguistic influence, language variation and code-mixing for the language combinations Romance-German/English/Romance. Besides, we want to discuss methodological procedures concerning language assessment, especially for heritage and minority languages, and to debate about empirical studies that have examined different approaches to HL-baseline.

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