Stadt: São Pedro de Moel, Portugal

Frist: 2016-03-31

Beginn: 2016-08-29

Ende: 2016-09-03


Over the past 15 years linguists have been collecting language documentation data of endangered languages. The exploration and analysis of the collections have resulted in grammars and publications of linguistic phenomena. More and more linguists would like to explore the power of a quantitative analysis of specific phenomena. While statistic and corpus mining courses are offered in many places, focused courses in corpus development and statistical exploration taking the specific problems of small or skewed collections into account are rare. This summer school, a CIDLeS-ELDP event, will provide a hands on introduction into turning collections into corpora, preparing and cleaning data for quantitative analysis and, for instance, statistical software R data exploration.

Participants are expected to have already collected data and have specific questions they would like to explore. The courses will provide theoretical introductions into the respective area and hands on practice sessions in which the participants will prepare and analyze their own data set.

The number of participants is limited to 25. The minimum number of participants is 15.

Participants have to register online by filling out a registration form in which they provide information on their background and interests:

Important Dates
Deadline for registration: March 31st, 2016
Deadline for payment of deposit: March 31st, 2016
Deadline for remaining fee payment: June 15th, 2016

Beitrag von: Vera Ferreira

Redaktion: Christof Schöch