The international conference deals with the cultural areas of the Americas and the Caribbean, based on the assumption that it is precisely the literatures of these geographical areas that show a particularly high degree of “interdependence”, global dispersion and distribution as well as linguistic variety. In this respect, the conference aims to contribute to the current debate on world literature. However, the focus here is less on questions of international reception and dissemination; the central starting point is rather the observation that the literatures of these cultural spaces explore a connection between landscape/geography and historical/temporal sedimentation, which in turn is reflected at the level of individual and collective experience as well as global forces. In this sense, a configuration of staggered, multiple temporalities can be discerned, especially in modern and contemporary literature.

Keynote: María del Pilar Blanco (University of Oxford): “Plotting a Decadent Spanish American Landscape”

Prof. Dr. Jobst Welge
Dr. Juliane Tauchnitz

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Beitrag von: Juliane Tauchnitz

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