Stadt: Siegen (online)

Frist: 2021-05-23

Beginn: 2021-05-28


28 May 2021, 16:00-20:00 (CEST)

ENROPE is an international, cooperative project aiming to provide high-quality qualification and networking structures for junior researchers in the field of language education and plurilingualism. ENROPE operates at the interface of language education to develop more plurilingual mindsets and practices.

The Multiplier Event is organised by the ENROPE team of the University of Siegen.

Who can participate?
This event is open to all M.A. students, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who are conducting or willing to conduct research in the field of multi-/plurilingualism, multi-/pluriculturalism and education.

Why should I participate?

  • To get an overview of the complex research field of pluri-/multilingualism and foreign language teacher education,
  • to learn about some ENROPE activities and tools for research and teaching in multilingual contexts,
  • to become acquainted with ways to start and to complete PhD projects in Germany and other European countries.

How can I participate?
Please go to this website and register for ME#4 by 23 May 2021. The participation is free of charge:

On the web page of ENROPE you will also find more information about the project. A few days before the event the registered participants will get a Zoom link to the event via e-mail.

16:00 Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer / Christian Koch (Siegen): Word of welcome
16:10 Stephan Breidbach (Berlin): Introduction to the ENROPE project
16:30 Marta Maria Röder (Siegen): The ENROPE activities and tools: Insights into the Qualification Handbook
16:50 Gabriela Meier (Exeter): Making visible articles in languages other than English: Invitation to collaborate (
17:00 Questions and answers
17:45 Christian Koch (Siegen): Too many paradigms of pluri-/multilingualism? – How to gain ground in the field as a junior researcher
18:00 Daniel Müller (Siegen, House of Young Talents): How to Get a PhD Position in Germany and Successfully Complete Your Doctorate
18:30 Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer (Siegen) / Eva-Maria Hennig-Klein (Bonn): Structuring multilingual communication processes in digital environments: The project Virtual Multilingual Learning Encounters in the Language Classroom (ViMuLEnc)
19:15 Round table conversation with junior and experienced researchers, and language teachers: Research, Career Paths and Developing a Research Project in the Field of Pluri-/Multilingualism: the role of a community of practice
19:45 Questions and answers, closing

Beitrag von: Christian Koch

Redaktion: Robert Hesselbach