Stadt: Stuttgart

Frist: 2015-03-31

Beginn: 2015-06-01

Ende: 2018-05-31

Gehalt: TV-L E13

Stellenumfang: 100%


Diese Ausschreibung bezieht sich auf eine von zwei ausgeschriebenen Postdoc-Stellen. Es handelt sich um ein romanistisch-anglistisches Kooperationsprojekt (Stuttgart/Mannheim) unter Beteiligung eines englischen DFG-Mercator-Fellows.

2 post-doc positions: argument structure, Middle English, Old French

We invite applications for two post-doc positions (100%) in the project “Borrowing of Argument Structure in Contact Situations (BASICS): The Case of Medieval English under French influence”, funded for three years by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The candidates will contribute to theoretical and empirical research on the argument structure of verbs borrowed from Old French into Middle English. They will work in Mannheim and Stuttgart respectively (40 min. distance by train). The positions should be filled as soon as possible, and before July 1st 2015. Salary is based on the German TV-L E13 scale.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in linguistics, a good knowledge of the syntax and semantics of argument structure and corpus-based linguistic analysis. Experience with syntactically annotated corpora and acquaintance with theories of language contact is an advantage. Knowledge of German is an advantage, but not mandatory.

Position #1, in Mannheim, will work on Middle English (verb lexicon, lemmatisation, extraction and analysis, classification etc.).

Position #2, in Stuttgart, will work on French (corpus-based analysis of Old French verbs) and is responsible for the technical infrastructure (management of corpora and lexical resources, storage of the results, production of sustainable formats). For this position, technical skills are required (corpus tools, XML, programming or scripting languages, Unix-like OS).

Please send applications by email to both PIs: Prof. Carola Trips ( and Prof. Achim Stein ( until March 31st, 2015. Applications must be sent in PDF format and include a CV, a list of publications, the names of two referees, the PhD thesis and up to two other publications (or links for download) and explicit statements about foreign language competences (including Old French and Middle English) and, for position #2, computational skills.

The Universities of Mannheim and Stuttgart are equal opportunity employers. Applications of female researchers are strongly encouraged. Severely challenged persons will be given preference in case of equal qualifications.

Beitrag von: Achim Stein

Redaktion: Christof Schöch