Head of Department Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (ENGEROM) Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

The Faculty of Humanities is seeking to appoint a Head of Department for the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (ENGEROM) who is keen to lead a department with huge potential.

ENGEROM is one of six departments at the Faculty of Humanities. The Department carries out research and teaching in English, Germanic and Romance languages as well as literature, history and social studies.

Through research and educational programmes that examine texts and cultural expression in the original language across a wide variety of contexts, ENGEROM works actively towards promoting a multilingual world. One of the Department’s aims is to develop improved models of transcultural understanding in which studies of languages and cultures contribute to achieving a deeper understanding of the world and to solving transnational and global challenges. ENGEROM also works extensively with enhancing university language degree programmes and language teaching generally in the Danish education system.

The Department wishes to continue its strong tradition for working with language, literature, history and social studies as foreign language disciplines and for attracting the best students and researchers. The academic staff at ENGEROM produce high-quality research of practical relevance to both Danish society and the international research community, and educate graduates for both the private and public labour market (including upper-secondary schools).

ENGEROM offers a total of 13 bachelor and master’s degree programmes, a vocational master programme and a PhD programme, as well as a number of elective and other ECTS credit-bearing courses.

There are approx. 80 employees at the department, located at the University’s South Campus, and about 300 BA and 120 MA students are admitted each year. Altogether, about 1,100 students are affiliated to ENGEROM.

As well as the Head of Department, the Department management team consists of a Deputy Head of Research, a Deputy Head of Study Programmes, who is also Head of Studies, and a Department Administrator.

Read more about the Faculty of Humanities here: https://humanities.ku.dk/

Read more about ENGEROM here: https://engerom.ku.dk/english/

Key responsibilities
The Head of Department is responsible for the day-to-day management, including personnel management, and has overall responsibility for the Department’s research and education activities, for maintaining cohesion across the different core tasks, and for the quality and quality assurance of these tasks. The areas of responsibility also include the Department’s organisation, strategy and finances, as well as communication and internal and external collaboration. The Head of Department is also part of the Faculty Management Team together with the Dean’s Office and the other heads of department. We expect the Head of Department at ENGEROM, together with the rest of the management team, staff and students, (in no particular order) to:

  • Develop the degree programmes so that they continue to be robust and relevant for society’s future needs, and contribute to the development of educational collaboration across the faculty’s departments and, potentially, across the university.
  • Develop and strengthen the Department’s research base through developing the Department’s ability to attract external funding and through optimising the organisation of research.
  • Help influence the political educational and research agenda for the benefit of the department.
  • Ensure a good working relationship between the academic and administrative staff at the Department.
  • Strengthen the work, study and research environment by ensuring the well-being of all staff and students, maintaining their motivation, and integrating them into the Department’s joint activities.

Qualifications and competences
We are looking for a new Head of Department with the following academic and managerial qualifications and skills (in no particular order):

  • Is a recognised researcher at Associate Professor level or above in one of the Department’s disciplines.
  • Has a good understanding of the university world, experience of leading research teams, including attracting external research funding, keen insight into the educational sector, and preferably experience with developing degree programmes (including the application of pedagogical and didactical methodology and the exploitation of digital opportunities).
  • Has a national and international outlook, a good understanding of the university’s role in society, and experience with collaborating with external bodies and stakeholders.
  • Is willing and able to take part in public debate and actively promote the Department’s academic prowess, and is able to establish contacts with relevant employer representatives.
  • Has documented experience of strategic management, change management and personnel management, including managing self-managing employees, supporting talent development and applying management through others.
  • Has an understanding of how knowledge-based organisations are organised, as well as the ability to build and develop an effective management team.
  • Has knowledge of financial management and administration.
  • Has a transparent and inclusive management style and appreciates the importance of management by working together with all staff groups, students and PhD students.
  • Has good communication skills and can clearly recognize and convey the Department’s strategy and direction.
  • Is proficient in at least one of the Department’s foreign languages.

Application, salary and employment terms and conditions
The position is for a fixed-term period of five years with the option of extending this period for up to three years. There will be an opportunity to take up a position at the relevant academic level at the end of the fixed-term period. The position is covered by the collective agreement for academics employed by the state between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC), and by the protocol to the collective agreement for academics employed by the state relating to heads of department and deans at universities.

For further information about the position, please contact Dean Kirsten Busch Nielsen on tel. no. + 45 6039 0461. You can also contact Martin Isenbecker, a partner in the consultancy firm Genitor, on tel. no. + 45 2565 9231.

Your application should include a presentation of no more than three pages, in which you outline your thoughts and ideas about developing the Department and about the challenges that it faces in the coming years, and how you think you can contribute with your personal and professional qualifications and skills. Please send an electronic application, with an attached CV and documentation of qualifications via the Job Portal (click on the link “APPLY NOW” at the bottom of this job advertisement). Applications should reach the University no later than 22 April 2021. The expected start date is 1 August 2021.

The first interviews will be held on 10 May 2021, and the second interviews will take place on 17 May 2021. Between these two dates, successful candidates from the first interviews will be invited to complete a series of tests at Genitor.

We strive to reflect the diversity of society and therefore welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of their personal background.

Part of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), and among Europe’s top-ranking universities, the University of Copenhagen promotes research and teaching of the highest international standard. Rich in tradition and modern in outlook, the University gives students and staff the opportunity to cultivate their talent in an ambitious and informal environment. An effective organisation – with good working conditions and a collaborative work culture – creates the ideal framework for a successful academic career.

Kirsten Busch Nielsen

E-mail: kbn@hum.ku.dk

Application deadline:
Employment start: 01-08-2021

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